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Check out the artworks for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round costume DLC packs

New artworks are available for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, showing off the costume packs being planned. The DLC can only be acquired, currently, through certain European outlets. GAME is getting the Aloha version of Ayane, Hitomi, Kasumi and Mila while ShopTo is receiving the Showstopper outfits for Christie, Helena, Lisa and Tina. Independent retailers are going to get the Beach Party costumes for Kokoro, Leifang, Momiji and Rachel. Last but not least, the Sony Entertainment Network has the New Challengers DLC featuring new clothing for NyoTengu, Phase 4 and Marie Rose.

All the above-mentioned retailers are getting the Ninja costumes for Ayane , Hayabusa, Hayate and Kasumi too. Koei Tecmo also sent in additional screenshots for the fighting game. Find all the new images below this paragraph.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches on the 17th of next February in the United States for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If you haven’t already, go preorder the full retail release right now on Amazon – PlayStation 4 version and Xbox One version.

Koei Tecmo also has a current-gen only version called Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Core Fighters, which is a free to play version with a handful of fighters and most of the gameplay modes. The free-to-play game includes Ayane, Hayate, Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa as playable characters.