A look at The Order 1886 messenger bag, t-shirt, wallet and more officially-licensed merchandise

Merchandise Monkey has revealed their range of officially-licensed merchandise for the newly-released The Order 1886 videogame. The new products include a beanie hat, keychain, messenger bag, mug, track jacket wallet in addition to two t-shirts. You can check out the new products on the retailer’s domain with this page. Find some photos of the products below this paragraph.In a press release, a spokesperson from Merchandise Monkey also talked a little bit about The Order 1886 merchandise, saying that the company is excited to be releasing products based on the unique setting for the videogame:

We’re particularly excited about The Order: 1886 range as it see new and unique product lines being added that complement the distinctive look and feel of the title. For instance, we’re offering a track jacket and wallet inspired by the period costume design featured in the game, in addition to the more conventional selection of t-shirts, messenger bags and beanie hats.

The same spokesperson went on to tease that Merchandise Monkey will have more merch coming later this year:

2015 is shaping up to be a great year in gaming. The New-Gen consoles are really starting hit their stride and we seeing the appearance of some truly outstanding titles and accompanying merch. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got coming during the rest of the year.

The Order 1886 was officially released on February 20 although a lot of gamers managed to get an early copy earlier. While the PlayStation 4 exclusive got some mixed reviews, it got plenty of praise for its unique setting and stunning aesthetics.

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