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Pokken Tournament with Wii U Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Bundle listed by GameStop

GameStop has listed a Pokken Tournament with Wii U Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Bundle. The product comes with a physical copy of the videogame in addition to the limited edition controller. Also included is a double-sided poster for customers who preorder the product in advance. You can check out some images of the aforementioned items below this paragraph.

For the uninformed, the Wii U Pokken Tournament Pro Pad is designed to be similar to the controller used for the arcade version of the game. As a result, it only has two shoulder buttons with no left or right analog stick. In addition to being in a bundle, the limited edition controller is also sold separately. If you are interested, you can purchase the officially licensed Wii U fighting pad with this link from Amazon.

The Wii U Pokken Tournament Pro Pad does have some limitations, however, as you can only use it as a second player if you are playing local multiplayer in the fighting game. This is due to the fact that the camera is positioned behind the back of a fighter. Thus, the first player must use the Wii U Gamepad screen while the second player will have to use the television set.