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Welcome to Game Idealist. I’ve been a gamer ever since I played Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, I bought all of the major systems and played the biggest games. I covered the gaming industry for nearly a decade for several major websites. Ultimately, I wanted to create my own site with my own staff so that I could give the audience the best coverage possible.

At Game Idealist, we are going to cover all aspects of the gaming industry (and a little bit of geek-related items as well). Our main goal is to focus the best products that provide the best value. You will be able to discover the latest gift guides, reviews and more. We don’t just chase after the most popular video games either as we are going to track down some obscure gaming related products, as well as other geeky stuff like anime and manga, that you may not know existed.

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You can contact us using the form or with the following email address: admin[at]gameidealist.com

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