A look at the Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Plush

The Square Enix Online Store shopping website has put up a product page for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Plush, revealing some images of the product. You can check out the shots of the iconic character’s plushie with our media gallery located below this paragraph.

In addition to the Square Enix Online Store, you can also purchase the Cloud Strife Plush on Amazon with this link.

For the uninformed, Cloud Strife comes from Final fantasy VII. The popular Japanese role-playing game came out for the PSOne in 1997 before being ported to the PC in 1998. An enhanced PC port was made available in 2012 and then released for the PlayStation 4 recently with added trophy support.

Of course, Square Enix also confirmed that a remake of the game is in development at E3 2015. The new title will be playable first on the PlayStation 4. During this year’s PlayStation Experience, the company showed off a new battle system, which is more action-based when compared to the active turn based system from the original version.

They also stated that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be episodic due to the massive size of the project. This caused some disdain from longtime fans of the game due to concerns regarding the pricing structure and the possibility of cut content.

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