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File size revealed for Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway-Unfolded-2The file size has been revealed for the upcoming Tearaway Unfolded. According to the PlayStation Store shopping website, the platformer will only take up 6.1 GB of free space on the HDD of the PS4. When viewed from the console side, the storefront shows a slightly larger size of 6.6 GB. Along with a digital release, the game is also coming out on a physical disc (which you can preorder, if you are interested, with this link on Amazon).

The small file size isn’t too surprisingly when you consider that the original Vita game only takes up 1.3 GB in size. In the PlayStation 4 port, MediaMolecule worked together with Tarsier Studios in order to bumped up the resolution to 1080p while the frame rate has also been increased to 60 per second.

In terms of gameplay, Tearaway has been reworked to take advantage of the DualShock 4 controller as players will be able to catch and throw objects with the gamepad. The light bar can also be used as a flashlight. In total, returning fans can expect around 50 percent of new content in Unfolded.

Sony will be releasing Tearaway Unfolded on the 8th of September in both digital and physical formats in North America.