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PS4 download sizes revealed for Superhot, Superhot VR and Superhot Mind is Software Bundle

The PlayStation Store has been updated to revealed the download sizes of the Superhot games for the PlayStation 4. According to the listings, when viewed directly from the system, Superhot and Superhot VR both required 2.93 GB apiece.

There is also a bundle that includes both the normal game as well as the VR game. The Superhot Mind is Software Bundle requires 5.86 GB of free space from the hard disk drive of the system.

For the uninformed, Superhot is an unique first-person shooter in that time will only past when your character moves. As a result, you can plan out your attacks in advance. The game was first released for the PC on the 25th of February in 2016 and later launched for the Xbox One on the 3rd of May in the same year. The PlayStation 4 versions are now available in the North American region.

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