Are the Final Fantasy XV Day One, Deluxe Digital Premium and Collector’s Edition worth buying?

After many years in development, Final Fantasy XV is finally coming out soon. If you are planning to pick up the Japanese role-playing game, you have several options to pick from. If you are having trouble deciding, you can find out what editions of the latest Final Fantasy installment are best suited for you with our buying guide below.


The Day One Edition of Final Fantasy XV is the cheapest out of all the other options at launch, followed by the Digital Premium Edition, Physical Deluxe Edition and then the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. You can check out the current price tags for all four with the following links on Amazon and the Square Enix Online Store:

About Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV first started out as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The PlayStation 3 game ran into development troubles and ended up being moved to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There has also been a change in directors as Tetsuya Nomura gave way to Hajime Tabata. Thus, Final Fantasy XV is a lot different when compared to Versus XIII.

For the upcoming game, players can expect a real-time combat system where you can pull off some stylish attacks, including impressive looking magic spells and spectacular summons. There are also massive open-world environments to explore as you can choose to travel by foot, car, chocobo or even a flying car.

The Final Fantasy series is known to be the premier series when it comes to JRPGs and XV is looking like a worthy installment for the long running franchise.

Final Fantasy XV Season Pass

One element to consider when choosing which edition of Final Fantasy XV to get is the season pass. Square Enix recently confirmed that the upcoming title will be getting plenty of post-launch support.

Most of the expansions will be focused on the individual party members: Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. The Gladiolus episode is expected to be more action-packed while the Ignis chapter is going to be more tactical. Last but not least, the Prompto DLC will play more like a shooter.

Furthermore, Square Enix is planning a multiplayer co-op expansion pack where you and your friends control all four members of the party. Also being planned are a booster pack and holiday pack. final-fantasy-xv-season-passIf you are interested in all of the above-mentioned DLC, then you should consider picking up the season pass. You can check out its price tag with this link on Amazon.

Preorder Bonuses

Another factor to consider is the retail-exclusive bonuses. For example, Amazon is offering the Gold Chocobo Regalia, Final Fantasy IX’s Mage Mashers, Final Fantasy XIII’s Blazefire Saber and Final Fantasy XIV’s Gae Bolg.

Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition

The Day One Edition comes with the physical version of the latest Final Fantasy videogame along with the in-game Masamune weapon. Best of all, this bundle does not cost anything extra when compared to the Standard Edition. final-fantasy-xv-day-one-editionYou can buy the Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition here.

Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition comes with everything from the Day One Edition as it has the disc copy of the software product in addition to the Masamune. Also included is an exclusive steel book case that features artwork done by the iconic Yoshitaka Amano.

But that’s not all as this bundle also has the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy movie, which serves as a prequel to Final Fantasy XV, on a Blu-ray disc. Furthermore, it comes packed with the Leviathan Regalia skin, which adds the serpentine finish to the car, in addition to the Royal Raiment costume, which changes Noctis’ clothes to Lucian formalwear.final_fantasy_xv_deluxe_editionPurchase the Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition via this page.

Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition

The Digital Premium Edition includes a digital copy of the game as well as the Masamune and above-mentioned season pass. Keep in mind that you don’t save any cash with this bundle when compared to buying the Day One Edition of the game and season pass separately. final-fantasy-xv-digital-premium-editionIf you are still interested, you can buy the Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition here.

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition

With the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition, you will get everything from the Deluxe Edition. Thus, the bundle includes a physical copy of the JRPG, Yoshitaka Amano steel book case, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy Blu-ray, Masamune weapon, Leviathan Regalia skin and Royal Raiment costume.

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition also contains some exclusive items such as the two-disc steel book that stores the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Blu-ray (which has a bonus scene) as well as the official Blu-ray Disc Music (featuring tracks from Final Fantasy XV, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy movie and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV animated series). The last physical item is a Play Arts Kai Noctis action figure, which comes with an exclusive weapon made just for the Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

On the digital side, you will also get the Angler Set, Camera Kit, Gourmand Set and Travel, the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition is currently sold out. If you still interested in getting one, you can join the wait list with this link.


The Day One Edition of Final Fantasy XV is the cheapest option available at launch. Not to mention that it also comes with the Masamune as a bonus in-game weapon.

If you have the cash to spend, however, we recommend the Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition as it includes a special steel book case along with a Blu-ray of the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy, which serves as a prequel to the story of the main game. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition is also worth checking out for collectors if it ever comes back in stock.

The Digital Premium Edition isn’t really worth getting as you can just get the game and season pass separately at the same price point.

Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy XV for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home consoles on the 29th of November in North America and many other regions.