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Top five 2014 horror games to buy and play for Halloween

last_of_us_remastered_joel_aims_at_infected_bloaterHorror fans are enjoying another strong year for scary games. With Halloween coming, there is no better time to try out some of these new releases. So what are the best scary games released so far in 2014? Find out in our latest top five list below.

5. The Walking Dead Season 2

While not your traditional horror experience, the first season of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series was a surprising pick for many Game of the Year awards in 2012 thanks to its engrossing story that relies heavily on the player’s actions and dialogue choices. The second season follows Clementine as she continues her journey following the first game. Your choices from the first season and 400 Days DLC also carry over too.

Although the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 first came out in late 2013, the rest of the episodes were released in 2014. A retail disc release featuring all five parts were also came out recently. Purchase both seasons for multiple PlayStation and Xbox consoles right now on Amazon – Season 1 and Season 2.

4. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Colonial Marines was a complete disaster of a game. Fortunately, Sega did not give up on the license. Instead, they handed it off to The Creative Assembly, who were previously known for the Total War series. Despite what may seem like another mismatch, the development team was able to deliver a horror experience that is faithful to the movie franchise.

The premise is pretty simple: you are stuck in a space station while being stalked by a menacing alien along (with other unruly inhabitants). Due to the overall power of the monster and your lack of weapons (especially at the start), the game feels a lot more tense than your average horror experience. You can buy the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC videogame with this page.

3. The Evil Within

You can’t really talk about horror games with mentioning the name of Shinji Mikami. The father of Resident Evil is back with The Evil Within, which combines some elements from his previous efforts. For instance, the need to burn defeated enemies before they turn into more powerful forms came from the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil. The combat is also reminiscence of Resident Evil 4 with the over the shoulder vantage point.

While the game does empower the player with some strong weapons and creative ways to dispose of enemies, your resources are also limited. There are times where the most optimal way to get through a scenario is to simply run away. Shinji Mikami and company did a great job in balancing the sequences to keep you on your toes throughout the 15-hour campaign. So, if you haven’t already, pick up the new I.P. for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC right now on Amazon.

2. The Last of Us Remastered

The best game of 2013 got even better in 2014. Naughty Dog decided to port the award-winning The Last of Us to the PlayStation 4 with improved graphics, frame rate and resolution. The Masterpiece looks and plays better than the original PlayStation 3 game as a result. Not to mention that the DLC packs, including the Left Behind campaign, are included in the re-release as well.

Aside from the terrifying encounter against the Infected, you also have to fight against human survivors in a desolated world. Even if you have already played the PlayStation 3 version to death, the new upgrades of the PlayStation 4 release is worth replaying the visceral and emotional experience again. Purchase The Last of Us Remastered with this link.

1. P.T.

The best game to play during Halloween is actually free if you already own a PlayStation 4 as you can download P.T. straight from the Sony Entertainment Network Store. Here’s a little background on the mysterious experience: it is a playable teaser that was made available without any advance notice during GamesCom in August. Gamers who managed to survive the horror were treated with a short teaser for Silent Hills.

So what makes P.T. so scary? For one, it is dripping with dreadful atmosphere. You are forced to walk the same hallway over and over again. From time to time, something different, and usually creepy, may occurred. It is absolutely terrifying just taking a step, especially if you heard ominous noises close by.

If you want to get scared this Halloween, P.T. is the perfect game to play during the holiday.