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Best exclusives and accessories to buy along with Playstation Vita Slim

Borderlands 2 Vita BundleSony finally released the Playstation Vita Slim in the United States on May 6. The new model is smaller, lighter and has a longer battery life than the original. For better or worse, the OLED screen got replaced by a LED one. Playstation Vita Slim is bundled with an 8 GB Memory Card and a voucher to download Borderlands 2 from the Sony Entertainment Store. So what other stuff should you buy along with hardware? Find our recommendations below:


Playstation Plus – The Playstation Vita does not require the Playstation Plus to play online but the membership is still highly recommended. New games are added on a monthly basis to the Instant Game Collection. Playstation Plus members get to keep the video games as long as they stay subscribed. The service covers the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 as well so you only need to buy one subscription across all systems.

PlayStation Vita Memory Card 64 GB – The Playstation Vita Slim Borderlands 2 bundle includes an 8 GB Memory Card. The amount of free space could disappear quickly, especially if you are a Playstation Plus member downloading free monthly games. Getting one more Memory Card makes plenty of sense and would add a lot of convenience to storage management. The biggest option, the 64 GB card, has only been available in Japan. Fortunately, it can be used in other regions and can be bought right now on Amazon.

HORI Elite Pack Protective Starter KitHORI Elite Pack Protective Starter Kit – The Playstation Vita Slim is not the same size as the original. Thus, you need to get a new set of protective covers to prevent the handheld from breaking and getting dirty. The HORI Elite Pack Protective Starter Kit is a all-in-one solution with a hard pouch, clear protector and screen filter. Not only is the package cheap (you can find the current price on Amazon), it is also officially licensed by Sony.

Best Exclusives

Contrary to popular belief, the Vita has a lot of video games. Its lineup is a little diluted with ports from other systems. Even so, the handheld still contain a lot of exclusive games that are worth buying and playing. You can find the top five exclusives (that haven’t been made available on the Playstation Plus yet) below:

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita5. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita – LittleBigPlanet has became a staple to the Playstation platforms over the past several years. The Vita game uses the touch screen controls during gameplay and level creation. In fact, it is actually easier to create levels with the touch screen than using the Dual Shock 3. In addition to the normal levels, an almost limitless amount of user-created levels in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita are going to provided more than enough content to keep you satisfy for a long time.

Killzone Mercenary4. Killzone Mercenary – The Playstation Vita has two analog sticks, which makes it very suitable for first-person shooters. The best video game from the genre on the handheld is, by far and away, Killzone Mercenary. Along with being a visual showcase for the system, the game has a strong single player campaign and an addictive online multiplayer mode.

3. Ys: Memories of Celceta – Ys is one of the most overlooked series in gaming. The latest videogame, Memories of Celceta, is exclusive to the Vita. So what do new players have to look forward to? They can expect a fast-paced action-RPG that should give you dozens of entertaining hours. So make sure you don’t miss out on this underrated gem.

tearaway2. Tearaway – Another overlooked game is Teraway, a platformer from the creator of LittleBigPlanet. The videogame uses the Vita features in various way. For instance, the back screen is used in certain patches to spring the character up into the air. The underutilized camera is also utilized in some unique ways with this exclusive.

Persona 4: Golden1. Persona 4: Golden – Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is one of the best RPGs for the Playstation 2. The Vita-exclusive remake beefed up the graphics while adding new features and scenarios. What you get in the end is not only the best game on the handheld, but also one of the better releases on any platform. With countless hours of intriguing situations and addicting combat, Persona 4: Golden is the biggest killer app for Sony’s portable hardware.