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2020 Buyer’s Guide: Best Forza Horizon 4 Wheels and Other Racing Accessories

Forza Horizon 4 is another critically installment in the open-world racing franchise. Like with most racing games, however, the fourth game in the series is best played with a compatible racing wheel set. So what are the best available options to check out in 2020 and beyond for both the PC and Xbox One versions of the sequel as well as other racing games? You can find out in our buying guide below.

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel

If you are interested in only quality PC and Xbox One race wheels for Forza Horizon 4, then the cheapest option on our list is the Logitech G920. The steering wheel unit, which was built with steel ball bearing with hand-stitched leather covering,  features 900 degrees of wheel rotation as well as force feedback rumble using helical gearing. Not to mention that the directional pad, Xbox One face and shoulder buttons as well as the paddle shifters are easily accessible.

The included floor unit comes with accelerate, brake and gear changing pedals. These are built with stainless steel.

If you are interested, you can purchase the Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel with this link on Amazon.

You may also want to check out the Logitech G Driving Force Shifter. This add-on, which is built with a solid steel foundation with hand-stitched leather covering for the boot and knob parts, is a six-speed, “H” pattern gearbox shifter. You can check it out here.

Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition

Another wheel set worth checking out for the fourth mainline Forza Horizon installment is the Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition. This bundle includes the TX Racing Wheel Servo Base, which comes equipped with a  brushless servomotor and with dual-belt mechanism to simulate realistic rumble. It uses Thrustmaster’s HallEffect AccuRate Technology (or H.E.A.R.T for short) to ensure accurate inputs.

Attached to the Servo Base is the TM Leather 28 GT wheel, which is capable of being rotated at up to 900 degrees. It also comes equipped with a directional pad, rotary switch, two paddle shifters in addition to six action buttons. This steering wheel measures at 11 inches (or 28 centimeters) in diameter and uses a hand-stitched leather cover.

The last piece of this bundle is the T3PA three pedal set. This floor unit is built with a completely metal internal structure. It has a fully adjustable brake, accelerator and gear pedals. The brake pedals also include a conical rubber brake mod in order to simulate the progressive resistance of pushing down on a real-life brake.

If you are interested, you can buy the Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition with this link.

Furthermore, there are several add-ons you might want to check out as well. One of which is the Thrustmaster TH8A, a 100 percent metal gearbox shifter that provides two driving styles in “H” pattern and sequential. Not to mention that it also uses the aforementioned H.E.A.R.T for precision. You can find it here.

You might also want to upgrade the pedals via the Thrustmaster VG T3PA-PRO 3-Pedal Set. This fully metal add-on uses a large footrest for non-slippery grating. You will be able to adjust the spacing and height for all three pedals; furthermore, you can even set two different driving positions (GT and F1). Last but not least, you will get two brake mods, allowing you to adjust the aforementioned progressive resistance. You can buy the Thrustmaster VG T3PA-PRO 3-Pedal Set with this page.

There are also three add-on wheels that you may want to look into via the following links on Amazon:

Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel

The best Forza Horizon 4 racing wheel we recommend is the Fanatec Forza Motorsport Race Wheel. The first piece of this bundle is the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5, which is constructed with CNC machined aluminum parts. It also uses a dual belts enforced with v-ribs and big ball bearings to ensure no slippage and dragging when steering. For rumble, the base uses a brushless servo motor. Last but not least, dual hall sensors are utilized in the motor and axis of the wheel in order to provide accuracy and precision.

The next piece in this bundle is the official Forza Motorsport Steering Wheel, which is built on brushed and anodized aluminum with leather covering. The product, which measures at 13 inches (or 33 centimeters) in diameter, features many customization options such as being able to place buttons in multiple positions in addition to being able to use big or small shifter paddles.

The final piece is the impressive ClubSport Pedals v3. Fanatec built this floor unit using CNC-machined aluminum and strong steel axis. The brake pedal uses a custom load cell for precision and accuracy while the gas pedal features two rumble motors (one to indicate you are losing grip while the other will indicate the locking of tires). There are also adjustable elements such as the stiffness of the brakes in addition to the angles of the pedal plates and pedal arms. Last but not least, contactless hall sensors are used to provide accuracy with your pedal inputs.

You can purchase the Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel with this link.

In terms of add-ons, you might want to take a look at the ClubSport Shifter SQ v1.5 as the fully metal product provides both H-Pattern and sequential modes. You can find it here.

You might also want to check out the ClubSport Handbrake V1.5, as it is a one to one replica of a real handbrake found in real race cars. You can purchase it via this page.

Openwheeler Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit

Of course, having a wheel set is only part of the equation as you need to sit comfortably as well. For the most optimal setup with Forza Horizon 4, we recommend checking out the Openwheeler Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit as it is compatible with the aforementioned Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel, Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition and Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel.

This racing seat offers support for your back, shoulder and legs. The seat itself has several reclining and gliding positions. Furthermore, you can also adjust angels and spacing of the wheel and pedal mounts as well. Not to mention that a mount for a gearbox shifter is included and can be moved to either your left or right hand side.

The Openwheeler Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit comes in six different colors: black, blue, green, orange, red and yellow. If you are interested, you can purchase the racing seat for Forza Horizon 4 with this link.

So, if you are looking for a racing wheel setup for Forza Horizon 4 and other Xbox One and PC racing games, then you should take a look at the aforementioned products in 2020.

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