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What is the PSN wallet limit in 2023?

When trying to add funds to your PlayStation Network account on the PlayStation Store, you may get an error message saying that you will be exceeding the maximum allowed amount.

So, what is the maximum amount of money can you hold in your PSN wallet? The answer depends on your region.

What is the PSN wallet limit in 2023 for U.S. region?

The maximum amount of money you can hold on your PlayStation Network account in 2023 is $375. The limit used to be a smaller amount ($250 in 2022) but it was recently raised.

Can you exceed the PSN wallet limit?

Unfortunately, you can’t exceed the current PSN wallet limit.

Instead, you will need to spend enough funds attached so that you will stay under the limit after adding more money to the wallet.

If you are adding funds into your wallet through the PlayStation Store Gift Card, then the good news is that these cards or codes should not expire. Therefore, you should be able to keep them in a safe place and then use them when necessary to add funds to your PSN wallet.