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How to fix the PS4 2002-0001 SU-30638-0, SU-30746-0, SU-41764-2 and SU-42481-9 errors

When installing the latest firmware on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim and/or PlayStation 4 Pro, you can get the SU-30638-0, SU-30746-0, SU-41764-2 or SU-42481-9 error codes. So, how do you fix these issues? You can find out in our troubleshooting guide below:

Before we start, let’s take a look at the definitions behind the aforementioned error codes (via PlayStation Support).

SU-30638-0: This error code means that the system is currently too busy to perform the system update.

SU-30746-0:- This error means that the system software failed to updated automatically.

SU-41764-2 and SU-42481-9: These messages mean that an error has occurred when updating to the latest firmware.

Whichever error codes your get, the solutions to fix them should be the same.

Potential Fix #1: Restarting the System and Trying To Update Again Over The Internet

The first potential solution is to retry downloading and installing the latest firmware on your PS4, PS4 Slim and/or PS4 Pro. The fastest way t do so is to head to the PlayStation Store from the home menu. If your system is connected online, then you should be a prompt to download the newest system update. Hopefully, you should be able to successfully install the new firmware without any issues.

Potential Fix #2: Updating Firmware Via USB Drive

If you are still getting the SU-30638-0, SU-30746-0, SU-41764-2 or SU-42481-9 errors after trying to update over the internet again, then you should try updating via an external USB device.

If you have a compatible USB device, you can download the latest PS4 firmware with this link. From your computer, open the device and then create a “PS4” folder in the root. Inside the “PS4” folder, create another folder and name it “Update.” This is where you put your downloaded PS4UPDATE.PUP file in. The path should look something like this “PS4\Update\PS4UPDATE.PUP”

After you are done downloading the firmware to your USB device, plug the device to one of the open USB slots on your console. Afterwards, head to “Settings” from the home menu and then “System Software Update.” Choose to update via USB to see if this potential fix resolve any of your problems.

Potential Fix #3: Updating Firmware Via USB Drive In Safe Mode

If you are still having problems, you can try updating via the same USB drive in safe mode. To boot up safe mode, first turn off your PlayStation 4. Afterwards, hold the power button until you hear two beeps (this usually takes around seven seconds) and then let go.

If done correctly, you will be prompted to plug in your DualShock 4 via a USB cable. Doing so will open the Safe Mode Menu. From there select ” Update System Software” and then “Update from USB Storage Device.”

Hopefully, the aforementioned fixes will help you resolve the 2002-0001 SU-30638-0, SU-30746-0, SU-41764-2 and SU-42481-9 error codes. If not, you may have to contact PlayStation Support.