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Guide to sending your broken Playstation 3 to Sony for repair

White PS3

The Playstation 3 is a lot more reliable than the Playstation and Playstation 2. Even so, you can still experience hardware issues such as the Yellow Light of Death. The problem was especially prominent in the early launch units, which are extremely valuable as they have hardware backwards compatibility. The guide will lead you through the entire process of sending in your broken Playstation 3 system to Sony for repair service.

Identifying the Problem

Before contacting Sony, you should visit the proceeding link and check to see if your problem can be fixed without sending your Playstation 3 in for expert repair: PS3 Support. Hopefully, you will be able to fix the issue without any external intervention. If you can’t find any solutions to your Playstation 3 problem on that link, then you must contact Sony.

Contacting Sony

You have several ways to inform Sony about your broken Playstation 3. The first is to call their service line at 1-800-345-SONY. This is highly recommended especially if you have a bunch of questions to ask. There is also a live chat method here. The final method is to fill in a self-service online form in the following link: Online Service Request.

Required Information

You will need the model and serial numbers of your broken Playstation 3. These numbers can be found on the bar code sticker located on the back side of your system. Sony will also need to know the date in which you bought your broken Playstation 3. You may also need your billing information if you do not have the system under warranty.

Packing the Playstation 3

Once Sony has confirmed that your Playstation 3 needs servicing and has gotten all the required information, they will send you an email with an attachment for Consumer Service Product Service Guide. Print this document out and then fill out all the information.

Shipping to Sony

Sony will send you a prepaid shipping box, which could take some time. Once you got it, follow the instructions inside the box to ship your Playstation 3 to Sony. Make sure to send only your Playstation 3 (if a disc is stuck inside, make it as clear as possible on the aforementioned document) and include the Consumer Service Product Service Guide. Put the documents with the Playstation inside a plastic bag so that it won’t get water-damaged during shipping.

Checking on Your Status

Once Sony got your broken Playstation 3, they will send you another email. You can check on the status of the repair service in the following link: Service Status Lookup. Your Service Request number is required in order to view the order status. Look through your email if you don’t know what the number is. You can also call in using the same phone number listed above and check on the progress.


Once Sony is done, they will send either a refurbished system or your repaired one back to you along with a limited warranty for 90 days. Congratulations on fixing your Playstation 3!