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How to fix the Nintendo Switch 2110-3127 error code

One of the potential error codes you could get with your Nintendo Switch is 2110-3127. This means that you weren’t able to connect your system online. Below, you can find our tutorial to fixing this particular issue for the hybrid console.

About 2110-3127

Before you start, let’s go into more detail as to what this particular Nintendo Switch error code means. According to Nintendo Support, 2110-3127 happens when there is a potential DNS issue.

One of the possible problems could be related to having the wrong DNS entered on the Nintendo Switch’s Internet setting. The other potential issue could either be related to the ISP or DNS service you are using.

Solutions for 2110-3127

Potential Fix #1:

It is quite possible that the Wi-Fi signal is too weak. Nintendo recommends that the Switch should be within 10 to 15 feet of the wireless router. So, if possible, try to bring the system as close to the wireless signal as possible and then retest the connection to see if you are no longer getting the error code.

Furthermore, there may also be metal objects and/or electronic devices that may be interfering the wireless signals. If possible, you can try moving these items away.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about these wireless issues if you have a wired connection. If you are interested in using Ethernet with your Switch, we recommend getting the compatible Plugable USB 3.0 Ethernet LAN Network Adapter. You can do so with this link on Amazon. For other alternatives, in addition to a tutorial to setting up a wired connection for the Switch, you can check out our guide here.

Of course, you can also try out the other potential fixes below before having to resort to getting a wired connection.

Potential Fix #2:

If you are still encountering the error code even with a wired connection, you can try turning every device involve with the online connection off and then on again. The first thing you can do is to perform a hard reboot of your Nintendo Switch by holding down the power button for a few seconds until you see a quick menu pop up. From there, select “Power Options” and then “Restart.” Afterwards, try to connect your Switch online to see if this issue is resolved.

Potential Fix #3:

If you are still having problems, you should then power cycle both your modem and, if you are using one, router. Simply unplug the power cables from these devices and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging them back in. Retest afterwards to see if the 2110-3127 error is still appearing.

Potential Fix #4:

The fourth potential fix is a little more complicated if the first three solutions did not work. On your Nintendo Switch, head over to the “System Settings” menu. From there, select “Internet Settings” and then the network you wanted to connect to (your current one is highlighted by a check mark). Afterwards, select “Change Settings” and make sure that “DNS Settings” is set to “Automatic” if it was set to “Manual.” Following that, you can try testing your connection again.

Potential Fix #5

If the above potential fixes aren’t working, we recommend changing “DNS Settings” to “Manual.” From there you have to manually enter you Primary and Secondary DNS.

You should first try out your own DNS servers. You can find these in the network settings of your computer. The settings are located in slightly different places deepening on the operating system. You can find the step-by-step guide for Windows, 7, 8 10 and Mac OS with this page.

If your own DNS servers do not work, then you can try using public DNS servers. There are several available for free, including one from Google (which has a Primary DNS of and Secondary DNS of

Other Potential Solutions

If the above fixes do not work, you might want to try updating the firmware of you router. Alternatively, you can also try restoring the default settings of the same device.

Of course, the problem may not be completely on your end. If you suspect that your internet service provider is having issues as you are having trouble connecting online with your other devices, you can try contacting your ISP.

As a last resort, you might want to contact Nintendo to see if you have to send your Switch to them for repair if you believe that 2110-3127 error code is directly related to the gaming system.