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How to fix the Nintendo Switch 2002-0001 Error Code

While playing the Nintendo Switch, you may get the 2002-0001 error code. So how do you fix this issue? You can find out in our troubleshooting guide below.

Nintendo Switch 2002-0001 Error Code Definition

According to Nintendo Support, the 2002-0001 Error Code occurs when you turn your Nintendo Switch on, rather if it’s from sleep mode or after the console has been completely turned off. This could mean that there is a problem with the microSD card inserted into the system or something even worse.

Potential Fix #1: Restarting The Nintendo Switch

The first potential fix is to reboot your Switch. You can do so by holding the power button (which can be found on top of the handheld unit next to the volume buttons) for three seconds. Afterwards, select “Power Options” and then “Restart.”

If your system is not responding, try holding the same power button for 12 seconds until the system is completely turned off. After that is done, turn the system back on.

If you still see the 2002-0001 Error Code after taking the above steps, then you can try are second solution below. If the above steps helped solve the issue, try to see if you have the latest firmware update installed on your Switch (you can do so by going to “System Settings” from the home menu and then choosing “System” and “System Updated” if your console is connected online). Afterwards, continue to monitor the situation to see if you are in the clear.

Potential Fix #2: The MicroSD Card

If you are still seeing the 2002-0001 Error Code, then the problem could be related to the MicroSD Card. To test if this theory is true or not, turn off the Nintendo Switch and remove the card from the system (for the uninformed, the card can be found where the kickstand is). After the removal, power your system back on to see if you are still getting the same error.

If you don’t see the 2002-0001 message, then the MicroSD Card is most likely the culprit. The first thing you can do in this scenario is to try reformatting the card. Keep in mind that doing so will erase all data from the memory card. While the game software can be re-downloaded, you will lose out on any screenshots stored unless you backup your data to another device.

To reformat, head to “System Settings” from the Home Menu, followed by “System,” “Formatting Options” and finally “Format microSD Card.” After the process is complete, the Switch will restart.

If you are still getting the 2002-0001 Error Code after the reboot, try testing another microSD Card if possible (if you don’t have one, you can check out our buyer’s guide with this article for the best Switch-compatible options).

Potential Fix #3: Sending the Switch to Nintendo for Repair

If the aforementioned solutions don’t work, then the 2002-0001 Error is most likely related to system’s hardware. Unfortunately, this mean that you will have to send your Switch to Nintendo for repair.