Suikoden 2 ESRB rating for PS3 returns once again; PSP and Vita platforms also added

Back in April the ESRB put up a rating indicating that Suikoden 2 would eventually be released on the PlayStation 3 as a PSOne Classic. For some reason, the listing was taken down taken down relatively quickly. Thankfully, the rating has reappeared once again with some new updates. Aside from the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation … Read more

Gifting and shopping tips for hardcore JRPG fans

Out of all gamers, JRPG fans are the most hardcore and dedicated. Prices for JRPG games, rather old or new, can easily skyrocket. Why are JRPG prices so high? One of the reasons is that the JRPG is a niche genre in videogames. Not everyone will enjoy it but, for those who do, they will … Read more