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Gifting and shopping tips for hardcore JRPG fans

Xenoblade_Chronicles_RVL_Monado_01ss02_E3Out of all gamers, JRPG fans are the most hardcore and dedicated. Prices for JRPG games, rather old or new, can easily skyrocket. Why are JRPG prices so high? One of the reasons is that the JRPG is a niche genre in videogames. Not everyone will enjoy it but, for those who do, they will enjoy it a lot. Unless the videogame is from a mainstream series like Final Fantasy, demand will be low.

JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Games) are different from WRPG (Western Role-Playing Games). WRPG is usually more action-oriented with artistic style similar to American comics. JRPG is typically more turn-based with an artistic style similar to Japanese mangas. Of course, there are exceptions in both cases. Find our shopping tips to help out our fellow JRPG collectors below:


Games like Xenoblade Chronicles or the Suikoden series are hard to acquire if you don’t get the initial shipment. Preordering basically guarantees you the copy of the game when it is first available. No need to worry about whether the game will be rare. In addition, you can also get free bonus collectibles, like an art book for example, from preordering. Limited and collector edition of the game may also be available through preorders.

Download JRPG games

Past systems (Playstation 3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360) offer download service for old games. Instead of paying for expensive collectible games that may break due to age, downloading a game legally when it is available is far cheaper and safer. In addition, you can also support the developer directly as oppose to buying the collectible game second-hand.

Watch for sleeper hits

Sleeper Hits are JRPGS that no one knows about except for the most hardcore fans. As a result, there could be limited supply. Valkyrie Profile, for example, was worth over $100 dollars in the past because of its limited supply. So collectors should make sure to pay close attention to the smaller JRPG releases.

Keep an eye on Atlus JRPGs

For some reason or another, Atlus likes to release limited copies of their games. Games like Ogre Battle, Shin Megami Tensei, and Disgaea are rare and, thus, expensive collectibles. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to Atlus JRPG releases.

Buy the strategy guides

Just like JRPG games, the strategy guides can also have limited quantities. Guides like the ones for Final Fantasy Tactics and Skies of Arcadia Legends are worth more than some games in the past($30-40). So keep an eye out for them.

Wait and see on Square Enix JRPGs

Square Enix is the biggest and most popular JRPG publisher. As a result, they have the most supply to meet demand. They routinely drop their prices to their games. It will be wise to wait until the price of the Square Enix JRPGs to drop, unless they have special/collector editions.

Wait for remakes/repackages

Video games get remade and repackaged as often as movies do. You don’t need to spend insurmountable amount of money on JRPG collectibles when there may be a remake or repackage just around the corner.