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Suikoden 2 file size revealed for PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita

The Sony Entertainment Network Store has been updated, revealing the Suikoden 2 file size. The newest PSOne Classic takes up 315 MB of free space, not too bad considering that it is considered to be one of the best JRPG ever created by many hardcore fans of the genre. In comparison, the original Suikoden requires 332 MB.

For the uninformed, Suikoden 2 came out in the U.S. region in 1999. Due to its limited shipment, the videogame became a much sought after commodity with prices for the physical release rising over the years after launch. You can find the current price tag of the disc version right now on Amazon with this link.

The sequel was one of the most requested games when Sony introduced the PSOne Classic line for the PlayStation 3, PSP and the Vita. After numerous hang ups, the digital release of the software product was finally announced during the keynote of the first annual PlayStation Experience as part of Sony’s “Building the List” initiative.

The other big release from the list is Yakuza 5, which is being translated. The newest Yakuza release is going to come out as a digital-only game from the Sony Entertainment Network Store.