Yosuke Hayashi talks about balancing difficulty in Nioh

Yosuke Hayashi recently talked about his team’s philosophy when it comes to balancing difficulty in Nioh. In an interview with Vice, the co-director behind the upcoming title revealed that the goal was to make a challenging game that will give gamers a sense of accomplishment once they eventually overcome the obstacles. You can find his … Read more

Top 10 of the best JRPGs to look forward to in 2017

2016 finally saw the release of Final Fantasy XV. Even with the biggest name in JRPGs already out, there are still plenty of titles in the genre to look forward to in 2017. Below, you can find our list of the top ten best JRPGs to look forward to over the next year. 10. Valkyria … Read more

Top 15 of the best JRPGs to look forward to in 2016

The JRPG genre is going through a nice little renaissance. 2016 is looking especially promising with a mixture of big budget releases in addition to some smaller titles. So what role-playing games should look forward to? You can find out in our most anticipated list of the top 15 JRPGs that have been announced for … Read more