Square Enix’s Brendan Docherty talks about difficulty concerns in World of Final Fantasy

In a live stream interview with Kinda Funny Games during the GameStop Expo 2016, Brendan Docherty talked a little bit about concerns regarding World of Final Fantasy possibly being a little bit too easy for hardcore gamers. The Senior Manager for Product Marketing at Square Enix admitted that the upcoming title is a family-friendly game … Read more

Top 15 of the best JRPGs to look forward to in 2016

The JRPG genre is going through a nice little renaissance. 2016 is looking especially promising with a mixture of big budget releases in addition to some smaller titles. So what role-playing games should look forward to? You can find out in our most anticipated list of the top 15 JRPGs that have been announced for … Read more

Top 10 of the most impressive JRPGs shown at E3 2015

JRPG fans were pleasantly surprised at E3 2015 as the genre was well represented during the convention. Below, you can find our top 10 list of Japanese role-playing games that have the most impressive showings at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. 10. Project Setsuna Even with Final Fantasy XV absent, Square Enix still has plenty of … Read more