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Fumihiko Yasuda talks about ideas for potential Nioh sequel

Although Nioh hasn’t been released yet, Fumihiko Yasuda may be already thinking ahead for a potential Nioh 2. The game director behind the upcoming game was asked in an interview by Desctructoid about a possible sequel, set in a different time and setting, to the promising new intellectual property.

He responded by saying that, while there could end up being some changes, the developers at Team Ninja will make sure that they are creating “solid action games” that cater to the worldwide audience. You can find his comments below:

With the same concept of samurai action, time and protagonist in future titles may change but we will remain steadfast in creating solid action games for a worldwide audience.

The development of Nioh recently went gold, meaning that is ready to be manufactured and shipped to customers. Fumihiko Yasuda and the rest of Team Ninja are expected to then turn their focus towards free updates and paid expansions for the game.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will be publishing Nioh when it launches on the 7th of February in the North American region. If you are interested and haven’t done so already, you can preorder the physical PlayStation 4 version of Team Ninja’s latest game with this link on Amazon.