Confusing message about what’s included in Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle

There have been some confusion about what is and isn’t included in the Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle. The main culprits are the 30 Day Music Unlimited and $10 PlayStation Store Voucher bonuses. Sony initially packed in the two gifts to all Playstation 4 systems for a limited time. The Playstation and Wal-Mart websites are reporting … Read more

Equipment hidden values and more info on the Destiny Signature Series Strategy Guide

Amazon got some info on the Destiny Signature Series Strategy Guide. Not to be confused with the Limited Edition, the standard version won’t come with any extras. Nonetheless, both books are providing the exact same strategic coverage for Destiny. Find the current prices of the two items right now on Amazon – Destiny Signature Series … Read more

New Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide info

The videogame isn’t the only Destiny-related product to get the Limited Edition treatment. The official strategy guide is also getting a version that contains some extra goodies. The hardcover book has a stunning cover art featuring The Traveler. Find the cover of the Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide and the current price of the product … Read more

Playstation 4 exclusives at Gamescom: What to (and not to) expect

Sony is planning another big showcase at Gamescom this year. So what should gamers expect for the Playstation 4 exclusives at the event? Just how many of these videogames will be revealed (or re-revealed in some cases). Find our predictions below at what games and studios we expect to (and not to) be present at … Read more