A look at the upcoming Journey History Messenger Bag

The PlayStation Gear shopping website has opened up a product page for the Journey History Messenger Bag. You can find several images of the latest licensed product below this paragraph.As you can see, the front features the iconic character along with some hieroglyphics. The messenger bag is made by a heavyweight washed canvas. It has … Read more

Playstation 4 exclusives at Gamescom: What to (and not to) expect

Sony is planning another big showcase at Gamescom this year. So what should gamers expect for the Playstation 4 exclusives at the event? Just how many of these videogames will be revealed (or re-revealed in some cases). Find our predictions below at what games and studios we expect to (and not to) be present at … Read more

PS3 exclusives that should be remastered for PS4

The Last of Us Remastered in the first game Sony is remastering for the PS4. It comes boosted with a higher resolution and frame rate while including all expansions. Sony has a history of porting PS2 games to the PS3 and is rumored to be doing the same from the PS3 to the PS4. So … Read more