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Top five products to buy along with Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle

The Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle is on its way to becoming a hot-selling item. Of course, buying the system and videogame combo should only be the start for years of gaming bliss. So what other products should you buy to go along with the bundle? We list out the top five companion purchases.

Vertical Stand

If you are planning to store your Glacier White Playstation 4 vertically, then it is recommended that you get the vertical stand. The plastic make sure that the next-gen system is stable, preventing it from being easily knocked down. The official accessory also fits in nicely with the design of the PS4. Last but not least, Sony is also releasing the Glacier White Vertical Stand on the same day as the Destiny Playstation 4 bundle. Find the price right now on Amazon.

DualShock 4/ Kontrol Freek

The Dual Shock 4 is a great controller but it does have a few flaws. Perhaps the biggest complaint so far is the easily deteriorating analog sticks. This could be fixed by using third-party analog nubs. We recommend Kontrol Freek since it provides a better grip than the original sticks, allowing you to turn up the sensitivity setting to give you an advantage over others in Destiny. Otherwise, you could just buy another Dual Shock 4 as Sony is launching a matching Glacier White version to go along with the bundle.

Playstation Plus

The Destiny Playstation 4 Bundle includes a 30-day free trial for Playstation 4. That won’t be nearly enough, especially if you got more than just one game with multiplayer. While Destiny does not require Playstation Plus, you will be locked out of many online features. Therefore, you should buy a subscription to add to the 30-day free trial.

The great thing about Playstation Plus is actually not the online multiplayer for the Playstayion 4. The membership gives you free access to selected games as long as you stay subscribed. Not to mention that it can also be used on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita systems. Click here to buy it now on Amazon.

Gold Wireless Headset

Sound is crucial in the massive environments of Destiny because you need to know which direction an enemy is firing at you. Instead of spending a lot of cash on an expensive surround sound set, you can save a lot by opting for the Gold Wireless Headset. The headphones support 7.1 virtual sound and has setting on custom games. Sony is also releasing a matching Glacier White version that you can buy with this link.

Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide

It can take weeks or even months to find complete guides of Destiny. If you don’t feel like waiting that long to find the best equipment, learn the best multiplayer strategies and other tips, then you should consider purchasing the official strategy guide. Brady Games worked closely with Bungie to produce maps, walkthroughs and compendiums. For collectors, the Limited Edition Guide is available on Amazon.