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Walmart lists release dates for several third wave Amiibo figures


Walmart has listed the release dates for several of the third wave Amiibo figures. According to the giant retailer chain, Bowser, Sheik and Toon Link are coming out on the 6th of February. We previously reported that the Toys R Us exclusive, Lucario, is also slated to arrive on the same day. So there looks to be credence to the listings.

Another group of the third wave Amiibos will also be released two weeks afterward. Walmart has Mega Man, Ike and King Dedede all coming out on the 20th of February.

It is likely that the other figures from the same set (Meta Knight, Shulk, Sonic in addition to the Rosalina and Luma duo) will be coming out on either of the February 6 or February 20 dates.

Amiibos have been selling really well for Nintendo. In fact, around 2.5 million units have been sold so far as of the end of 2014. With that said, fans are having a hard time finding specific figurines due to the low allocation and high demands. Nintendo did mention that they may be releasing more of the rarer ones in the future.

You can purchase the old and new Amiibo figures with this link on Amazon.