Best Xbox One system bundles to buy during Black Friday and the rest of the 2015 holiday season

Microsoft will have a bunch of Xbox One system bundles on the market for Black Friday and the rest of the 2015 holiday season. So what are the ones that you should be keeping an eye on if you decided to shop for the console? Below you can find out list of the best Xbox … Read more

Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle released in North America

The Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle has been released in the North American region. If you are interested, you can purchase the current-gen system with this link from Amazon’s shopping website. If you have not yet read our previous report, the product comes with a 1 TB HDD, doubling the size of the 500 GB … Read more

Is the Xbox One 1TB Console 3 Games Holiday Bundle worth buying?

The Xbox One 1TB Console 3 Games Holiday Bundle is one of many bundles being offered by Microsoft for the tail end of 2015. Along with the system, the product comes with three acclaimed software products. So will the bundle be worth the price of admission? Before you make up your mind, let’s examine a … Read more

Top 10 new videogame releases in August of 2015 that you might want to buy

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File size revealed for Rare Replay on Xbox One

The file size has been revealed for the upcoming Rare Replay. According to the product page from the Xbox Store shopping website, the collection takes up 12.38 GB of free space. Rare Replay was officially announced at Microsoft’s press conference during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The collection comes with 30 games that were developed … Read more