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PS3 exclusives that should be remastered for PS4

The Last of Us Remastered in the first game Sony is remastering for the PS4. It comes boosted with a higher resolution and frame rate while including all expansions. Sony has a history of porting PS2 games to the PS3 and is rumored to be doing the same from the PS3 to the PS4. So which first-party exclusive game should they be remastering next? Take a look at a top 10 list of the potential first-party PS3 remastered exclusive options below:

siren10. Siren: Blood Curse – Siren: Blood Curse is a reimagination of the first Siren game on the PS2. The survival horror game places the player in a haunted Japanese village with a vast array of playable characters. With new entries in the genre becoming rarer on the PS4, Sony could spice up the lineup with a remaster for this underrated PS3 gem.

folklore9. Folklore – Another overlooked game released early on for the PS3 is Folklore. The action game has a similar concept to Pokemon as you can capture and summon different enemies on to the battlefield. Sadly, the original Game Republic developer went out of business. The potential PS3 remastered port for PS4 may therefore have to be done by a separate company.

puppet8. Puppeteer – While Knack was released for the PS4 at launch, the best platformer from Sony last year was easily Puppeteer. The 2D side-scroller features impressive production values with a stage-like presentation. Unfortunately, it came out two months before the release of PS4, resulting in the lack of sales. A PS3 Remastered port to the next-gen console makes more than enough sense if Sony wants to recoup their expenditures on the game.

Resistance 37. Resistance Trilogy – Resistance: Fall of Man became the go-to title for the PS3 early on. While Resistance 2 got a ton of hype, a lot of fans weren’t happy with some of the changes that were implemented. Resistance 3 brought some fans back to the series even though it did not sell as well as the first two. All three games are still worth playing to this day due to the unique weapons and varying styles.

Infamous 26. Infamous Series – Infamous Second Son is among the best exclusive games on the PS4. Therefore, Sucker Punch Productions should give new fans a chance to try out the older PS3 games: Infamous, Infamous 2 and Infamous Festival of Blood. Not to mention that the three older releases could use some upgrades on the visual front as they suffered from frame rate and draw distance problems on the previous Playstation console.

Byeond: Two Souls5. Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls – While Heavy Rain became a surprise hit in 2008, Beyond Two Souls did not fare nearly as well, perhaps partly due to coming out a month before the launch of the PS4. Both games do provide a heavily cinematic experiences that should further diversify the lineup of the fourth Playstation platform. With Quantic Dream already planning a PS4 game, Sony would be wise to give an opportunity to new customers who had never played the two predecessors before a chance to play them before the new title is released.

God of War 34. God of War III and God of War Ascension – Although it came out in 2010, God of War III remains one of the most visually impressive video game ever. Sony also released God of War Ascension in 2013 although it did not perform as well as the third title. With the God of War series already ported numerous times, it would be surprise to see these two potential PS3 remastered titles end up on the PS4, especially with a rumored new game on the next-gen console that may be in development at Sony Santa Monica’s studio.

Journey3. Journey – Sony has already ported Flow and Flower to the PS4. A lot of fans of the development team, That Game Company, really wanted Journey to be brought over to the next-gen system as well. Although it started out as a downloadable game, the PS3 version ended up winning multiple Game of the Year awards, beating out big budget releases. Experiencing the video game again, except this time at 1080p and 60 frames per second on the new system, would be incredible.

u32. Uncharted Trilogy – With Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End coming out next year, Sony should consider porting Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception to give new players a taste of what to expect of the series. Naughty Dog has already successfully ported The Last of Us Remastered. So they should have some experience under their belt for porting a PS3 game to the PS4.

demonsouls1. Demon’s Souls – Demon’s Souls became one of the biggest surprises for the PS3 after coming out in 2008. The action RPG holds up very well today with some even preferring it over the two spiritual successors, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. With Bloodborne due soon, From Software could build up more hype for the upcoming release by porting Demon’s Souls to the PS4 with better graphics. Better, yet they should release the entire Souls collection.

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  1. bro where is killzone 2 and 3? and where is mgs4?

  2. Loving the desperation by Sony fans. The industry needs new games, not rehashed old stuff like TLOUR with its mediocre shadows

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