2K explains where to unlock Paige after downloading her in WWE 2K15 and release plans for Showcases

2K posted more clarifications regarding the new DLC releases for WWE 2K15. As you may have heard, Paige was finally made available as a playable character. Unfortunately, some gamers are having a problem finding her. To play as Paige, you must first make sure that you purchase the Showcase Season Pass (you can do so … Read more

WWE 2K15 gets DLC release date for Paige, Sting, Hogan and WCW packs; plus a new update on Showcases

2K finally announced the release date for several WWE 2K15 DLC packs. The Paige, Sting, Hogan and WCW packs are going to come out on the 16th of December: @liamthkidd Nope, tomorrow is Paige, Sting and Hogan packs, and the WCW packs. — WWE 2K (@WWEgames) December 15, 2014 The company would later clarified that … Read more

2K talks possibly expanding WWE 2K15 creation slots, pushing the PS4 and Xbox One to their limits

2K made some interesting comments about the creation slots in the Create-a-Superstar Studio mode for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases of WWE 2K15. The company said they are always looking to expand on the save slots. Unfortunately, they pushed both consoles to the limits with this year’s version: Always look to expand – … Read more

WWE 2K15: Paige, WCW, NXT Arrival, New Moves and 2K Showcase DLC release date rumors clarified

Marcus Stephenson has clarified a new rumor surrounding the release date of the various DLC being planned for WWE 2K15. On Twitter, the 2K community manager released a statement saying that the rumored April launch for all the packs was false: The rumors of “April” for the launch of our DLC are false. Please help … Read more

File size for WWE 2K15 on PlayStation 4

The file size has been posted for WWE 2K15 for the PlayStation 4. The Sony Computer Entertainment Network Store updated its listing for the videogame, revealing a file size requirement of 21.6 GB. That number does not seem too bad when you consider that the game has a lot of videos of entrances, hype packages … Read more

2K talks WWE 2K15 creation suite download cap and potentially adding Alica Fox as DLC

2K has addressed a few issues with the cross-gen videogame, WWE 2K15. First off, the company admitted that there is a daily cap as to how much a player can download for the creation suite. They explained that this was done in order to ensure both quality and stability for the content being shared: @ItsGrimm_ … Read more