Insomniac Games’ Drew Murray talks Ratchet and Clank PS4, Resistance and Sunset Overdrive sequel

Insomniac Games’ Drew Murray talked a little bit about various projects from his company during a Twitch live stream of Kinda Funny Games during GDC 2015. The most interesting tidbits he discussed was the upcoming PS4 re-imagination of Ratchet and Clank. While the game will have the storyline of the original, he teased that Insomniac … Read more

Flashback: Five Cheap Playstation 3 Videogames Worth Purchasing in 2008

The Playstation 3 launched at the now infamous price of $599.99. Sony was able to drop the price tag for the system quickly to $399.99 in less than two years. Therefore, sales began to pick up in 2008. New gamers at that game also had a selection of low-priced games to choose from. So what … Read more