Why you should play the original Gravity Rush before Gravity Rush 2

The recently released Gravity Rush 2 has been getting a lot of positive buzz from both critics and gamers. If you are planning to play the sequel, however, we highly recommend playing through the prequel beforehand. If you still need some convincing, you can check out our reasons as to why you must play the … Read more

Nick Accordino talks about asynchronous multiplayer and talismans in Gravity Rush 2

Nick Accordino has revealed more details in regards to Gravity Rush 2. In an interview during IGN’s E3 2016 live stream, the Sony producer first announced that, while the main focus of the game is still in the single-player campaign, there will also be asynchronous multiplayer. Players will be able to race against the ghosts … Read more

Gravity Rush Remastered getting a physical release in North America

It looks like Gravity Rush Remastered will be getting a physical release in North America after all. Sony Computer Entertainment previously announced that the game is exclusive, as a digital download, on the PlayStation Store. According to a listing from Amazon, however, Sony will be releasing a disc version as well. You can preorder it … Read more