Funko Pop Dishonored 2 Corvo, Emily and Outsider Figures now available

Three new Funko Pop Dishonored 2 figures have been released in the North American region. If you are interested, you can purchase the miniature statues with the following links from Amazon: Corvo, Emily and Outsider. You can also take a look at what each character looks like with our media gallery located just below this … Read more

Are the Dishonored 2 Limited and Premium Collector’s Editions worth buying?

The long awaited sequel to Dishonored will be coming out soon. If you are planning to pick up Dishonored 2, you will have two options at launch. So are the Limited and Premium Collector’s Editions worth purchasing? If you are having a hard time deciding, you can check out our buying guide below. Pricing The … Read more

File size revealed for Dishonored: Definitive Edition on Xbox One

The file size has been listed for the Xbox One version of Dishonored: Definitive Edition. According to the product page from the Xbox Store shopping website, the remastered port is going to take up 34.44 GB of free space on the current-gen console. Along with a digital release, Dishonored: Definitive Edition will also be sold … Read more

Top five games that may appear at the Bethesda Softworks E3 2015 press conference

Bethesda Softworks has turned into a major publisher over past several years with the major successes of Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in addition to branching out to other genres aside from the company’s open-world RPG forte. In fact, Bethesda is going to be holding their first press conference, … Read more