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Vita visual novel, Code: Realize Guardian of Birth, gets U.S. release date

Code-Realize-Guardian-of-BirthSeveral retailers, including Amazon, have listed what may be the official release date for the recently-announced Code: Realize Guardian of Birth. The Vita videogame is expected to come out on the 24th of November in the United States. If you are interested, you can preorder the upcoming product from Aksys Games with this page on the retailer’s website.

Code: Realize Guardian of Birth comes from the visual novel genre. As a result, gamers shouldn’t expect much on the gameplay side as the game will be more heavily focused on storytelling instead.

The plot revolves around lonely Cardia, who has a deadly ability to melt and rot anything she touches with her poisonous skin. While trying to escape capture from the royal guard, she will meet Arsene Lupin as well as other men that can become romantic options on her journey. Its unique visual style mixes anime with gothic-Victorian and steam punk.

Despite its non-mainstream appeal, visual novels have been slowly becoming more popular with games such as the DangaRonpa, Phoenix Wright and Zero Escape series. If you are a fan of the aforementioned titles, you might want to check out Code: Realize Guardian of Birth when it is made available in the North American region.