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Scalebound’s creative producer addresses combat concerns

scalebound-gamescom-2015-04Jean Pierre Kellams has made several comments, via multiple tweets, regarding the upcoming Scalebound. The creative producer of the project first addressed concerns regarding the combat system of the Xbox One exclusive by saying that fans of Platinum should think differently about the mechanics.

He compared Scalebound to a team sport like basketball where the player play the role as a point guard instead of playing one-on-one. Instead of reacting to an enemy’s attack, you have to take into account Thuban, your companion dragon, as well as the surrounding environment. While JP Kellams admits that the game may take some time to get used to for Platinum fans, he promises that they will get hooked once they do. You can check out his comments from Twitter below:

Jean Pierre Kellams also provided an example in which Thuban flies up in the air. In this scenario, the player can either move closer to the enemy (putting the main character, Drew, at risk) or keep a distance (putting the dragon more at risk):

Scalebound is coming out in the holiday season of 2016. The first gameplay was recently shown off at Gamescom 2015. Instead of being a straight action game, the Xbox One exclusive is an action RPG. If you are interested, you can preorder the upcoming Platinum-developed game with this link on Amazon.