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Aron Drayer explains why the Astro A40+MixAmp M80 Halo 5 Xbox One gaming headset is worth buying

Astro-A40-MixAmp-M80-Halo-5-Guardians-Edition-Xbox-One-headsetAron Drayer has commented on the recently-revealed Astro A40+MixAmp M80 Halo 5: Guardians Edition, explaining why the upcoming product is worth buying. The vice president of marketing for Astro Gaming first stated that the Xbox One gaming headset is a culmination of his company’s design philosophy as it will be comfortable to wear while looking authentic at the same time. You can check out the first part of his statement, via a press release sent to us, below:

The ASTRO A40+MixAmp M80 Halo 5: Guardians Edition perfectly balances looks and performance. It represents the culmination of our design philosophy at work: to develop the highest quality gaming audio products; to make them so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off, and frankly, you’ll probably forget they are even there; and, to make them look so authentic and true that you’ll proudly wear them wherever you game.

Aron Drayer went on to mention that the Astro A40+MixAmp M80 is perfect for upcoming Halo 5: Guardians as players will be fighting in “lush, sound-filled environments.” The Xbox One headset is designed with game-to-voice balance so that you can easily hear your friend. Find the rest of his comments below:

And, there’s no better proof than the countless hours you are about to spend romping around the lush, sound-filled environments of Halo 5: Guardians; blasting enemies in rich audio; and, using our patented game-to-voice balance to quiet the shrieks for assistance from your co-op buddy who is being chased by some new legendary alien foe!

For the uninformed, Astro’s latest product has been officially-licensed by Microsoft. It uses the same color scheme as the Spartan Locke Xbox One controller in addition to the limited edition console. The product also comes with DLC for the game as you will be able to download a REQ Pack, which includes an in-game Astro Gaming emblem.

If you are interested, you can preorder the Astro A40+MixAmp M80 Halo 5 Xbox One gaming headset (which is coming out in September), with this link from Amazon.