A look at the Good Smile Silent Hill 2: Bubble Head Nurse Figma Action Figure

Amazon has put up a product page for the Silent Hill 2: Bubble Head Nurse Figma Action Figure, revealing some photos of the item. If you are interested, you can preorder the upcoming Good Smile figurine with this link from the shopping website. Take a look at the Bubble Head Nurse Figma with our media … Read more

Reasons why Sony should help save the cancelled Silent Hills project

Silent Hills got a lot of attention last year due to the unusual way it was announced. A mysterious game called P.T. was revealed during Sony’s GamesCom conference in August. Eventually, gamers solved the cryptic puzzles from the teaser in order to discover that the downloadable title is actually for Silent Hills. The latest Silent … Read more

What are the best and worst versions of Silent Hill 2?

Silent Hill 2 is considered to be one of the best survival-horror games ever created. While the second Silent Hill installment came out on multiple platforms, some versions are better than others when it comes to some elements. So what version should you be playing? Find out with our rankings of the different iterations below. … Read more