Retrospective: Best-looking Playstation 3 exclusive games prior to 2011

The Playstation 3 was notoriously hard to develop for. Therefore, it took some time before developers could push out great-looking videogames on the next-gen system. Fortunately, a lot of these showcases came out prior to the start of 2011. This is very evident when it comes to Playstation 3 exclusive games. We compiled a list … Read more

Top five best games for new PS4 owners to play after they are done with Destiny

Did you wait until the Destiny release to finally buy the PlayStation 4? Maybe you even bought the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle? If so, you certainly made the right choice. Regardless of what you think of the videogame from Bungie, the next-gen system still has plenty of other games to play. So which … Read more