Top 5 PS4 exclusives to play if you are bought the console for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the most high profile exclusive release for the PlayStation 4 so far. If you are getting the console to play the latest Uncharted installment, there are a few other PS4-only games we suggest picking up as well. You can find our list below. 5. Alienation Housemarque is a studio … Read more

File size revealed for Alienation on PS4

The PlayStation Store shopping website has updated its listing for Alienation, revealing the file size for the PlayStation 4 exclusive. According to the product page, the top-down shooter is going to take up 2.2 GB of free space on the internal hard disk drive of the PlayStation 4. When viewed from the PS4, the listing … Read more

Top 10 April 2016 videogame releases that should end up being worth buying

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Top five PS4 exclusive games to look forward to following the release of The Order 1886

The PlayStation 4 got its first major exclusive release of 2015 with The Order 1886. Regardless of what you think of the game, it will be the start of a big wave of titles that can only be played on Sony’s current-gen console. So what are the five PS4 exclusive games to look forward to … Read more

Top five of the best PS4 exclusive games coming out in 2015 that you should consider buying

While the PlayStation 4 had a solid software lineup in 2014, a few gamers ended being disappointed with the lack of any true exclusive releases aside from DriveClub and inFamous: Second Son. Fortunately, it looks like Sony is going to turn things around on that front early and often in 2015. So what are the … Read more