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Sony’s Scott Rohde explains the lack of new AAA Vita releases like Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway

Killzone MercenaryScott Rohde, PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America, was part of a panel that was live streamed during the PlayStation Experience. In a Q&A session, one of the attendees asked if AAA developers are still seeing some potential with the Vita after the lack of announcements regarding any big exclusive releases like Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway.

Scott Rohde replied by saying that the company still very much believe in the portable system. In fact, he personally adores it, calling the platform the best handheld machine he has ever played on.

On the other hand, he also stated that the PlayStation Vita is capable of so much that it is really expensive to develop exclusive software for it. He does not believe that it would be profitable to release games with a budget of 20 to 30 million dollars on the handheld.

With that said, Sony is still picking and choosing their battles regarding what to release on the Vita. He promised fans that they will keep doing everything they can to support the handheld.

While no new AAA Vita releases were announced, Sony did revealed several ports at PlayStation Experience, including Broken Age, Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Shovel Knight and Suikoden 2 (as a PS One Classic).