PS4 file size revealed for Mafia 3

Mafia_3_Cistern-ShootoutThe file size has been revealed for the upcoming Mafia 3. According to the product page on the PlayStation Store (when viewed directly on the PlayStation 4), the open-world action game is going to take up 46.14 GB of free space.

Of course, the upcoming game is also available in physical form in addition to a digital release. If you are interested, you can preorder the disc version with this link from Amazon.

Mafia 3 is the latest installment in the popular gaming series. It stars Lincoln Clay, a biracial army vet who previously serve in the Vietnam War. Upon returning from his service, he gets caught up with the criminal underworld of New Bordeaux (a fictional city based on New Orleans in the 1960s).

2K Games will be releasing Mafia 3 for the PlayStation 4, as well as the PC and Xbox One, on the 7th of October in the North American region.

If you don’t have enough save to install the massive 46.14 GB file of Mafia 3, then you might want to consider updating your internal PlayStation 4 hard disk drive. We recommend picking up the OWC DIY 2.0 TB Drive Upgrade Bundle for PS4 with this page if you are interested in doing so.

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