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Top 10 most anticipated PlayStation VR launch games

The PlayStation VR is finally coming out soon. The virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4 is releasing with a wide variety of videogames. So what are the best PSVR launch games? You can find out in our most anticipated list of launch titles for PlayStation VR below:

10. SuperHyperCube

SuperHyperCube is a puzzle game that takes place from a first-person perspective. The objective is to rotate a cluster of cubes so that they will fit through walls with specific holes. The 3D depth and head tracking of the PlayStation VR help players have a better understanding when it comes to whether or not the cubes will fit through. SuperHyperCube is a simple puzzle game that should end up being quite addictive.superhypercube

9. PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds is a collection of five smaller virtual reality games. The most notable of which is The London Heist, which makes you a participant in a high stakes robbery. In Ocean Descent, you get to dive deep into the ocean water. VR Luge is a fast moving racing game where you have to dodge oncoming traffic and other obstacles while Scavenger’s Odyssey is a space exploration game where you scour the nebula to find a treasure. Last but not least is Danger Ball, an action puzzle game where you head butt a ball.PlayStation VR WorldsAs you can see, PlayStation VR Worlds offers a variety of experience that shows off the potential of the virtual reality headset. The collection is included in the PSVR Launch Bundle but can also be bought as a standalone. You can purchase the standalone disc release on Amazon with this link.

8. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

One of the better exclusive PS4 games, Until Dawn, is getting a spin-off VR game. In Rush of Blood, participants ride on a theme park coaster based on the original horror game. In order to fight against the various monstrosities that you encounter, you can dual wield multiple weapons, including flare guns and shotguns. Furthermore, there are higher difficulties and online leader boards, adding to the replay value of the virtual reality on-rails shooter.until-dawn-rush-of-bloodYou can buy Until Dawn: Rush of Blood with this page.

7. EVE: Valkyrie

One of the best looking PlayStation VR launch game is EVE: Valkyrie. Although this space combat game has a single player campaign, the main focus is on the intense multiplayer matches as players can pick between three different classes: Fighter, Heavy and Support. Not to mention that the game is set in the Eve Online universe, so fans of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game should definitely check out this spin-off title for the PlayStation VR.eve-valkyrieEVE: Valkyrie is available for purchase here.

6. Battlezone

Another multiplayer-based launch game for the PSVR worth checking out is Battlezone. In this vehicular combat title, up to four players can team up to fight against an evil corporation. To do so, you have to pilot powerful tanks known as Cobras, which comes equipped with special weapons and equipment such as EMP bursts, laser-guided missiles and shield boosts. So, if you have loved ones who are also getting their own PlayStation VR unit, you might want to consider getting Battlezone for virtual reality co-op.battlezoneBattlezone can be bought with this link.

5. Here They Lie

While Resident Evil 7 won’t be available at the launch of PSVR, another promising virtual reality horror game is. In Here They Lie, you explore a mysterious city that is home to some horrific creatures in an attempt to find the mysterious woman in a yellow dress. Along the way, you will be making life or death moral choices. If you are purchasing a PlayStation VR for horror games, then you shouldn’t miss out on the promising Here They Lie at launch.here-they-lieHere They Lie is available for purchase with this page.

4. Batman: Arkham VR

In Batman: Arkham VR, you can become the popular superhero. You will be able to explore the Batcave and Wayne Manor in a first-person perspective in addition to putting on the iconic Batsuit. Not to mention that you can also use your tools to investigate a crime scene. Needless to say, fans of the Batman: Arkham series, or the Batman universe in general, should definitely check out this virtual reality experience.batman arkham vr

Buy Batman: Arkham VR here.

3. DriveClub VR

One of the more underrated PlayStation 4 exclusives is DriveClub. The racing game provided impressive visuals to go along with its visceral racing. In DriveClub VR, a majority of the original title got reworked for PSVR, which adds more immersion to the experience, especially if you are playing with a racing wheel with the cockpit view. Not to mention that new tracks, made just for the VR edition will also be added. So, even if you have the original, the new version still has plenty to offer.batman arkham vrDriveClub VR can be purchased with this link. The game is also available at a discounted price for season pass holders of the original DriveClub.

2. Rez Infinite

The original Rez is considered to be a cult classic due to its unique visual and audio effects. Fortunately for those that missed out on the software product, the on-rails shooter has been rebuilt for the PlayStation VR with Rez Infinite. As a result, you will be even more immerse in the trippy world. Furthermore, a new level, called Area X, will take full advantage of the virtual reality headset as well. If you would like to have your senses blown away in VR, then you should give Rez Infinite a try.

1. Rigs: Mechanized Combat League

The most impressive PlayStation VR launch game we seen so far is Rigs: Mechanized Combat League. This multiplayer-focused shooter will let you pilot giant mechs to compete in sporting events, which include traditional team death match as well as a capture the flag variant. There are a variety of events to choose in addition to a single-player campaign. With impressive graphics to boot, Rigs: Mechanized Combat League should end up being the best PlayStation VR launch game.Rigs Mechanized Combat LeagueRigs: Mechanized Combat League is available for purchase with this link.

PlayStation VR is launching on the 13th of October in North America and other regions. If you are getting the PS4 virtual reality headset, you should check out the above-mentioned launch games as well.