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PDP Afterglow Kral and Nur PS4 Headsets released in U.S.

The PDP Afterglow Kral and Nur PS4 Headsets are now available in the U.S. Both gaming headsets use the same glowing tech found in the PDP-branded controllers. Buy the two products right now on Amazon with the links below this paragraph.

Nur, which comes in either black or white, is the most expensive of the two as it comes with a special charging stand that can also be hanged from a wall. It also supports the PlayStation 3 as well as the PlayStation 4.

Karl is cheaper but only supports the PS4 on the console side. Both versions of the latest gaming headsets from PDP can be used on the PC in addition to mobile devices (via the auxiliary cables). The included microphone promises to cancelled any extraneous noise as well. If you are looking for a new gaming headset, you may want to take a look at these.