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More Horipad photos show off the features from the officially-licensed Xbox One wired controller

Thanks to the official Hori USA Store, more photos are now available for the new Horipad Xbox One wired controller. The new pictures show off some of the features in the gamepad such as the transparent crystal cut shell, vibration force feedback, impulse trigger and IR sensor. Buy the third-party controller right now with this page from Amazon. The new photos are located below this paragraph. The Horipad is out now for the Xbox One. Along with the above-mentioned features, Hori also promised that their product has precise analog sticks, top-notch buttons as well as a directional pad that is both large and responsive. The product is officially-licensed by Microsoft, so there should not be any compatibility issues.

So far, Microsoft has only released a Wireless gamepad for the Xbox One, which requires batteries. If you are looking for a wired solution, you should most definitely take a look at Hori’s latest product.