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A look at the Sanei Splatoon Callie, Marie, Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl Plush Toys

Amazon has put up product pages for a new set of plushies from the Sanei Splatoon series. If you are interested, you can purchase the four new releases with the following links from the shopping website: Callie, Marie, Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl. Check out the photos of the plush toys with our media galley located below this paragraph.

For the uninformed, all four characters comes from the Nintendo Wii U exclusive, Splatoon. Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl are playable characters. Callie and Marie are part of the Squid Sisters idol group who will provide you with the latest community news and updates regarding the game. So, if you or a loved one are a fan of Splatoon, you might want to check out the latest plush toys from Callie, Marie, Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl.

The new intellectual property, which came out on the 28th of May in 2015, became a breakout hit thanks to its unique third-person shooting gameplay mechanic that focuses on coloring the arena with your own team’s ink. Nintendo also added plenty of personality to the game’s world with colorful characters such as the aforementioned Squid Sisters. The company kept the experience fresh as well with constant updates after launch.