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A look at the DreamGear Orbiter Wired and Wireless PS3 Controller

Amazon has put up product pages for two new DreamGear PlayStation 3 gamepads. If you are interested, you can check out both products from the online retailer with the following links: Orbiter Wired PS3 Controller and Orbiter 2.4 GHz Wireless PS3 Controller. Check out the photos of both pads with our media gallery located underneath this paragraph.

The wired version comes with a 7.5 foot cable while the wireless one has a built-in rechargeable battery along with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. As a result, the latter is more expensive when compared to the former. Both iterations are built with concave analog sticks (as opposed to the convex design of the DualShock 3), rubber handles as well as an ergonomic shape.

A few gamers do not like the DualShock 3 mainly due to the aforementioned convex analogs as their thumbs feel slippery during more intensive gaming moments. Some of the players also found that the official PlayStation 3 controller can get uncomfortable to hold during long play sessions.

So, if you are having these issues with the DualShock 3, you might want to take a look at either the Orbiter Wired PS3 Controller or Orbiter 2.4 GHz Wireless PS3 Controller from Dream Gear.