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Ethernet LAN adapters to get for Dragon Ball Fighterz on Nintendo Switch

The upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Ball Fighterz has several online modes such as Circle Match (where up to eight players can enter into a lobby to fight each other) and World Match for ranked and non-ranked battles. Fighting games, especially one that requires precise inputs and fast reactions like the aforementioned Dragon Ball title, need a good and fast online connection.

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi inside the Nintendo Switch (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) isn’t particularly strong, resulting in lag and loss signals in non-optimal situations.

The good news is that you can use a wired internet connection, via a compatible LAN adapter, when you put your Nintendo Switch on the dock and play on the television screen. So what are the best Ethernet adaptors to get for Dragon Ball Fighter Z? You can find out in our buying guide below.

Nintendo Online Subscription

Before we start, it is important to note that you must be subscribed to Nintendo’s online service if you want to play online multiplayer in Dragon Ball Fighterz. If you aren’t already a member, you can purchase a one year subscription with this link on Amazon.

Hori Wired Internet LAN Adapter

Although Nintendo does not have an official Switch LAN Adapter, the console manufacturer did partner with Hori for an officially licensed one in North America. This product measures at 7.5 inches, or 19cm, in length. It is compatible with the 10BASET, 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T cables. The adaptor supports the following standards: IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u and IEEE802.3ab.

If you are interested, you can purchase the Hori Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter with this link from Amazon.

Cheaper Alternatives

While the Hori Wired Internet LAN Adapter is officially licensed, there are cheaper alternatives that provide the same features (as they used the same ASIX AX88179 chipset found in the Hori product). We recommend taking a look at the ones from Plugable, StarTech, TRENDnet and UGREEN. You can check out the four alternatives on Amazon with the links below:

Please keep in mind that, although the aforementioned Ethernet LAN adapters use a USB 3.0 connection, the Nintendo Switch currently only supports USB 2.0. With that said, Nintendo previously stated that they can add in USB 3.0 support to the existing ports on the Switch’s dock via a future firmware update. So, the speed you are getting should hopefully be even faster in the future.


There are several options when it comes to buying an Ethernet adapter for Dragon Ball Fighterz such as the The Hori Wired Internet LAN Adapter, which is officially licensed by Nintendo. There are also cheaper alternatives that provide the same functionalities worth checking out: the Plugable USB 3.0 to Ethernet Gigabit 10/100/1000 LAN Network Adapter, StarTech USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet NIC Network Adapter, TRENDnet USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter and UGREEN Network Adapter USB 3.0 to Ethernet RJ45 LAN Gigabit Adapter.

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