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What is the best way to buy Resident Evil Revelations 2?

Capcom is giving fans three choices when it comes to purchasing Resident Evil Revelations 2. Customers can either download each individual episode separately, opt for the season pass or simply get the retail disc (which you can get with this page on Amazon). So what is the best way to buy the latest Resident Evil videogame? Let’s analyze all three options.

Digital Weekly Episodes

If you decided to choose the option of buying each episode separately, it is actually cheaper than the other two choices. Not to mention that you don’t actually have to buy all four of the episodes if you think that the other chapters are not worth paying for.

With that said, you will be missing out on the bonus episodes, raid mode characters and map pack. So this option may end up costing more if you want the additional content. So, unless you don’t care about the extras and simply wanted to play through a portion of Resident Evil Revelations 2, you should definitely go for the other two buying options. episodes_beauty

Digital Complete Season

The season pass is only slightly more expensive than buying all four episodes separately. However, it does come with several extras with the two bonus chapters in addition the ability to play as Hunk in the raid mode.

While seeing Hunk again is nice, the two extra chapters really makes the complete season release of Resident Evil Revelations 2 a better option than the one we mentioned above. The bonus episodes could tie up any loose ends from the four main chapters. If you care about getting the full experience in terms of story, purchasing the season pass is a solid choice. complete_season_beauty2

Retail Disc

The retail disc version of Revelations 2 has the most content when compared to the other two buying options. In addition to the four main episodes, you will also be getting the same two bonus chapters as well as Hunk. You can then add in Throwback Map Pack and Wesker being playable in the same raid mode.

With that said, the retail disc is easily more expensive when compared to purchasing the season pass or buying each episode separately. Still, the value is there when you consider that you can always trade-in or sell the physical copy, which is not possible with the digital options.

The only real downside, in our opinion, is the release date. If you decide to buy digital, you will get to play each episode on the day they are released on Steam, Sony Entertainment Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. For the retail disc, you have to wait until all four of the main chapters are available. retail_beauty-updated

Final Verdict

The best way to buying Resident Evil Revelations 2 boils down to two choices: the digital complete season and the retail disc. You should buy the season pass if you want to play all of the episodes as soon as possible and only care about the story. On the other hand, the retail disc is the best option if you want all the additional raid mode extras and prefer to own a physical copy of a videogame instead of a digital release.

The first episode of Revelations 2 comes out on February 24. The next three will be released on March 4, March 11 and then March 18. The retail disc is launching on the same day as the fourth episode. You can preorder the physical release with this link on Amazon.

The new Resident Evil game is cross-gen, so it is coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 along with the more powerful PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Sony is also handling the Vita port of the same game.