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Dual Shock 4 Glacier White, Wave Blue and Urban Camouflage release dates updated

Wave Blue Dual Shock 4While Sony is finally releasing more than one color for the Dual Shock 4, the new colors won’t be all coming out at the same time. Amazon updated the product listings, revealing different release dates for the Glacier White, Wave Blue and Urban Camouflage Playstation 4 controllers. The preorder pages, with the current prices, from the ecommerce website are listed below.

The first new color arriving is the Wave Blue Dual Shock 4. The sleek-looking controller is available in just a few weeks on the 19th of August. So Playstation 4 gamers do not have to wait too much longer to add some variety to their collection.

Next up is the Glacier White Dual Shock 4. The new color is available on the 9th of September, the same day as the launches of Destiny and the Destiny Playstation 4 bundle. It seems like Sony is introducing the Glacier White controller to all gamers regardless to whether or not they are buying the new bundle.

Last but not least is the Urban Camouflage Dual Shock 4 with a release of 30th of September. Normally, the last day of the month indicates a placeholder. In this case, the 30th lands on a Tuesday, making it likely that the release date is real.

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