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Shopping Guide: Best PlayStation 4 Accessories to Buy

The PlayStation 4 is expected to be the best selling system during Black Friday and the rest of the holiday shopping season. Thus, you should expect a lot of deals on products that complement the console. So which are the best PlayStation 4 accessories worth buying during Black Friday and other sales during the holidays in 2014? Find out in our shopping guide below.

Best PlayStation 4 Controller Grips

The DualShock 4 is the default controller for the system. Although the gamepad made many improvements over the DualShock 3, it is still not perfect. Fortunately, there are some accessories that will further enhance the controller.

The DualShock 4 has a problem where the rubber of the analog stick can wear down with extended use. Instead of completely replacing the controller, you can buy stick covers. We previously recommended the KontrolFreek FPS Freek Ultra since the covers can increase your grip and, therefore, your performance for competitive games. If you don’t play multiplayer games, than you can save some cash and opt to buy the Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers. Check out the two analog stick rubber replacements right now on Amazon – Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers and KontrolFreek FPS Freek Ultra.

If you want to take the controller grips to another level, we also recommend getting SquidGrip for the handles as well as the iMP Tech Trigger Treadz for the shoulder buttons. Last but not least, Sony also released several new colors for the DualShock 4 earlier this year. If you are bored with the Jet Black color, you can now buy the Glacier White, Urban Camouflage and Wave Blue colors. Check out the above-mentioned products with the Amazon links below.


Best PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel

Since your old PlayStation 3 racing wheels are not compatible with the PlayStation 4, you will need to get a new one if you want to get the best experience out of playing racing games like DriveClub. Sony has announced official support for two steering wheels so far: Thrustmaster’s T80 and T300RS.

The T300RS is the more expensive of the two but you get what you are paying for. The best PlayStation 4 racing wheel has adjustable rotation angles for up to 1080 degrees along with customizable metal pedals. It is also compatible with other Thrustmaster add-ons like the Ferrari F1 detachable wheel, T500 RS pedal sets and TH8A gearbox. Check out the current price of the T300RS with this link.

Best PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset

The PlayStation 4 comes with a mono headset but it is not overly impressive. If you want the best experience, it is best to spend some cash and upgrade to a better headset, especially if you want to have surround sound without having to buy an expensive home theater system.

In terms of support, the PlayStation Gold Wireless and PlayStation Silver Wired stereo headsets are the best. Both are manufactured by Sony and even have audio profiles on big games like Destiny, Far Cry 4 and Grand Theft Auto V. You can take a look at our features comparison between the two with this page. Purchase the two right now on Amazon – PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset and PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset.

On the third-party side, PDP Afterglow Kral and Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 400 are great alternatives if you don’t like the first-party headsets.

Best PlayStation 4 Fighting Stick

The PS4 is pretty light so far in terms of fighting games with the only notable release being Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (more on that later). Fortunately, there are some promising games like Guilty Gear Xrd and Mortal Kombat X coming in the future.

If you want an authentic arcade experience, we suggest the Real Arcade Pro V4 Hayabusa. The product is made with Hayabusa stick and Kuro pushbuttons for better response and added durability. These are the same materials used in Japanese arcade cabinets. There are also turbo settings along with added compatibility with the PlayStation 3. Check out the arcade fighting stick on Amazon – Real Arcade Pro V4 Hayabusa.

Other Gift Ideas

PlayStation 4 Camera – If you plan on using the streaming feature of the system, you may opt to buy the official camera. With it, you can broadcast yourself as you are playing the videogame. The accessory can also be used on games that support motion gaming. The pre-installed Playroom, for instance, uses the camera is some unique ways.

PlayStation Plus – If you haven’t heard already, you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online multiplayer. Fortunately, the membership is usually discounted during Black Friday and the holiday season. So you don’t have to pay full price.

Even if you do, you are still getting a lot of value. Sony releases games that are free (as long as you stay subscribed) on a monthly basis. The freebies are spread across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. Along with the small independent games, you will also get big budget releases. For example, PlayStation Plus members are getting Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition and inFamous: First Light early next year.

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV – The PlayStation 4 has an unique feature called Remote Play where you could stream games (that do not require the camera) on compatible devices. Two of the best ones are the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. We suggests getting the portable system if you want to play the PlayStation 4 videogames on the go and want full compatibility with Vita games at the same time.

On the other hand, the PlayStation TV is good for streaming PS4 games on another big television screen. Most Vita games can also be played on a HDTV using the device as well. Take a look at both products right now via Amazon: PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

With these accessories, you should be to get the most out of the PlayStation 4 on Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season.