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How to fix the ‘You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now’ error in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

When playing online battles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you may get the “You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now” error message. So how do you fix this issue as soon as possible? You can find out in our troubleshooting guide below.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s “You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now” error meaning

Before we start, let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind the “You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now” message in SSBU. According to Nintendo Support, when you get this error, this specifies that your internet connection is too slow, unstable, or both in order to constantly send and receive data to play an online match.

Keep in mind that you can have online issues in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and not in other Nintendo Switch online videogames. This is because some titles require more bandwidth usage then others. Being a fighting game with up to four playable characters, the latest Super Smash Bros. installment requires more data being sent and received than other Switch games.

If you are constantly getting this error, this could mean that there is some issues happening between your Nintendo Switch and networking equipment.

Potential Solution #1: Restarting your Nintendo Switch

Sometimes a simple restart of your Nintendo Switch will fix the “You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now” errors in SSBU. To do so, you can to hold down the power button, which is located on top of the handheld unit of the system (right next to the volume buttons), for at least three seconds. Afterwards, select “Power Options” and then “Restart.”

Keep in mind that this is the only way to reset your Nintendo Switch as holding down the “Home” button will only bring up the option to put your system in sleep mode.

Once you are done restarting your Switch, it will attempt to reconnect to your Wi-Fi after booting back up.

Try an online match to see if this step resolves the issue.

Potential Solution #2: Power-cycling your network

If you are stilling getting online errors in Smash Ultimate, then we recommend power-cycling your network if possible. Doing so will reset your Wi-Fi connection between your networking hardware and the Nintendo Switch.

To do so, unplug your router and/or modem for at least 30 seconds (if you have a device with a back-up battery, try to remove that as well). Afterwards, plug everything back in and wait until all the connections have been reestablished.

Try to play an online battle in Smash Ultimate to see if this solution will repair the error.

Potential Solution #3: Changing Wireless Band

If the aforementioned potential fixes did nothing to resolve the errors, then you might want to try changing the wireless band of your router if possible.

The Nintendo Switch supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands. If your router does as well, try changing it to another frequency if the original band is giving you problems playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over the internet. To do so, please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation of your router.

Afterwards, you have to set up a new internet connection from the home menu of your Nintendo Switch. From there, head to “System Settings” and then “Internet Settings.” Follow the onscreen instructions in order to connect your system to the new Wi-Fi band.

Once everything is done, head online to see if you can get into any online fights.

Potential Solution #4: Changing Your Modem and Router’s Firmwares

Another possible fix for those still experiencing online issues is by changing the firmware of your modem and router. You can either try updating the hardware if there are new versions available or restore the default settings if the new firmware releases are giving you problems with Smash Bros. Ultimate. Please refer to the documentations of your modem and router to do so.

Once you are done, try out the online modes in the game once more.

Potential Solution #5: Getting Rid or Any Potential Wireless Interference

If none of the above steps resolve the “You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now” error, then you may have some interference that is preventing your Switch from getting a powerful signal from your networking devices.

Nintendo recommends that the Nintendo Switch should be within 10 to 15 feet of your Wi-Fi signal. So, if possible, try to move your system closer to your networking hardware.

Furthermore, there could be objects and devices that are interfering with the Wi-Fi signals. So it may be best to remove any metals and electronics in-between your Nintendo Switch and networking hardware in order to get the best signal strength.

Once you are done with all the moving, test the online battles in SSBU to see if there are any improvements.

Potential Solution #6: Getting An Nintendo Switch Compatible Ethernet Adapter

If none of the aforementioned solutions worked, then it may be time to consider getting a Nintendo Switch compatible Ethernet Adapter. In fact, Nintendo recommends playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online using a wired connection if possible. A Ethernet connection provides a faster and more stable data transferring when compared to Wi-Fi. In addition to potentially fixing the You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now” errors, a wired connection will also improve lag as well.

So what are the best Switch-compatible LAN Adapters? The Nintendo Switch currently uses only USB 2.0 connections (which means that USB 3.0 adapters will default to the slower 2.0 data transfer speeds). We recommend the following products on Amazon:

With that said, Nintendo has the ability to update the firmware of the Nintendo Switch to add support for USB 3.0 connections down the line. With the USB 3.0 Ethernet adapters not being all that more expensive when compared to the USB 2.0 adapters, it may be a good idea to future proof your wired connection by getting the USB 3.0 adapters. If you are interested getting one, we recommend the following compatible products on Amazon:

Hopefully, the aforementioned solutions will help you fix the “You Cannot Play Online Battles Right Now” errors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.